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DezinBee CSR Engagements.

As soon as we receive your valued proposal, our CSR activities get instant initiatives to precede the matter. Defining the state of affairs, customer support passes proposal acknowledgements and takes actions. A support team member approaches the client by electronic communications and if the client is feeling privileged and satisfied, proposal passes to sales team that makes estimates and cost configurations. We at DezinBee pay special attentions to every proposal we receive regardless of its cost, we conduct things in a very professional way that influence smooth clientage and ever going business cycle.


Evaluations and Decisions

  • DezinBee Consultant will physically approach the client, managed meet ups and professional presentations will be rendered according to clients demand and needs for web design and development scenarios or as per client's wishes.
  • Once the client is happy to be with us, we collect statistics, required data, analysis and reports to manage a detailed official proposal with our solutions addressed to client's demands
  • On Proposal acceptance (there is always a room vacant for negotiates at DezinBee), we proceed towards assigning a services contract between client and DezinBee.

One Window Operation

There is no little work or big work, work is always an important assignment for us. We feel happy if some short term projects are assigned to us for instant conclusions through one window operation.

  • Submit your online proposal with integrated details and issues to address and your budgets constraints.
  • You will find us on your services to make you smile and feel happy with us.


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    Starting Up with Your Projects

    Humble discussions, professional attitudes, moderate negotiations and true norms and values always end up in positive productivity. Once the deal is matured and contract assigned, The Accounts Manager from DezinBee will guide you through project terms and conditions and will help you understand your liabilities and responsibilities as well as ours too, so the whole deal conclude in a very pleasant way to attain the core objectivity.


    Managed Online Existence by Absolute Solutions

    Breaking the ice and representing your brand to endless possibilities of online world. Eventuating and concluding the whole project existing online with your best services and brands, we keep relationship live and warm to address your future capacity building.