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CMS is your back office where in admin panel, a non-technical business executive or webmaster can even makes several changes, updates and replacements under an undedicated user login system secured with solid passwords.


Content Management System entitles business executives to handle their specific web portion to keep updates with latest products lines, info and pricing things.


CMS is real effective web application that we install at your web server on your hosting account's available disk space, vps or dedicated web server and enhance it with data base that is required to keep system working.


DezinBee has its own custom designed CMS that we call it Beehive CMS modulated and based on MVC & OOP Frameworks enriched with highly modular administration panel. Despite Beehive CMS is enough to meet a large corporate sized business needs, we appreciate clients proposals of specific CMS demand from popular market brands like WordPress, Drupal, Orchard and SharePoint etc.


Beehive CMS | MVC & OOP Framework

DezinBee proudlyannounces Beehive CMS as one of the powerful content management system built in our beehive for the industry following latest trends and flexible architecture concepts like MVC and OOP and is modular by nature. The CMS is designed this way for getting maximum benefit of easily extensibility to fulfill present demands and future capacity buildings. Beehive CMS is extremely robust and have all the features and it gives you ability to configure its easy to use features from its admin panel such as SEO friendly URL's and many Front End elements and attributes to embed.


Wordpress Customizations

Since wordpress is well recognised for its utility features and as an open source CMS, it has a diversity of tools, widgets and plugins to meet maximum demands of masses. Regarding online publishing personal stuff as well as community works to engage people in blog setup and board discussions, wordpress is no doubt a perfect choice.


We deliver absolute customizations in following:

  • Wordpress themes customizations
  • Adding features and widgets on client's demands.
  • Setting up a range of plug ins to acquire desired functionalities.
  • Wordpress template designing, template customizations and emerging logo features.


Orchard | Customized Solutions

Based on .Net (Windows) technology. and famous for its resemblance to Drupal (a cms) DezinBee creatively provides absolute Orchard customization solutions on demand.


Drupal | Providing Solutions Since Drupal 4.0 V.

World says about Drupal "Drupal is believed to be one of the powerful open source CMS out there with a large number of free to use themes, modules, plugins and active community to resolve daily issues. More of it Drupal is feature rich, easily administered and have a power of flexibility." And DezinBee matured along with drupal matured!


DezinBee is privileged to have such experienced web applications developers in various web development tools that it has been rendering solutions since Drupal 4.0 version jumped into the world of open source CMS. We feel proud and we are among the market leaders in Drupal customizations.


SharePoint |Microsoft Web Development Tool.

We have expert developers dealing in SharePoint V. 2010 and above.


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